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Angry Box (Pair)

Angry Box (Pair)


Founded in 2023 by Tom Turner, Tantrum is a cutting-edge audio technology company on a mission to redefine speakers for music creation. At the heart of thier innovation lies the Angry Box, an ultra-compact, vibrantly red and highly accurate linear reference speaker designed to set a new benchmark in the studio monitor world.

    "Our speakers offer a super-linear and compact solution, ensuring impeccable reproduction of your music." - Tom Turner (Foudner)

    Inspired by recent developments in large format speaker systems, Tantrum dedicated their time to employing an analytical approach to speaker design that meticulously extracts peak performance from every facet of their speaker. The 'Angry box' stands as a testament to Tom's commitment to utilising modern material science and groundbreaking technology to rethink an old classic. Culminating in the ultimate midrange reference at an affordable price point.

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