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Lake People 

The Groovebox partner with Lake People for UK Distribution.

We're delighted to share the exciting news of our partnership with Lake People for UK Distribution! With over 30 years of experience in crafting high end tools for the pro audio market, Lake People provide a wealth of expertise to the pro audio market. We're genuinely excited to join forces with them, embarking on a journey to further their success by introducing a brand new range of headphone amps and monitor controllers. Together, we're poised to deliver exceptional audio solutions to our customers and make waves in the industry.

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Tantrum Audio

Angry Box hits the stores

We are thrilled to announce the release of Tantrum Audio's reference studio monitor, the 'Angry Box'. After months of fine-tuning and design adjustments aimed at creating the industry's finest mixcube, we are excited to declare that the Angry Box is now available for purchase in stores throughout the UK.


With its linear phase and frequency response, super-fast transient response, and detailed imagery packed into an ultra-compact, eye-catching red box, Tantrum has truly produced an exceptionally good-sounding mixcube to aid in crucial mixing and recording decisions.

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