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An innovative sequencer manipulator, generating autofills using lines and vectors


Coming soon! 

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Angry Box 

Single driver, accurate modern reference speaker

Angry Box offers the transient detail associated with a sealed enclosure and a full range driver delivering clarity and unrivalled reference precision in a mixcube. 

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EMI Abbey Road

Chandler Limited holds the esteemed title of the official partner of EMI Abbey Road. Their primary focus lies in the development and recreation of legacy recording equipment, spanning from outboard preamps, equalisers, and compressors to vintage tube-style microphones.

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Kevin Kadish first impressions of the TG Mic Type L.

Caught in in the moment and at first listen, hear Kevin’s first impressions of the Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios TG Microphone TYPE L. The TYPE L is a phantom powered large diaphragm condenser microphone, with two distinct voices—Dual Tone System A and B—and a ribbon like sound (in system B); it’s like having two mics in one!

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The Godfather Firmware Update
The Godfather firmware update brings along some cool features. Now, users can save presets tailored for capturing performances, making the whole process smoother. Plus, there's the addition of assigning LFOs to both High Pass and Low Pass Filters, offering more flexibility in sound shaping. Enjoy have also included the handy option to reset the phase of both LFOs simulatneously, making adjustments more synchronized and efficient.
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