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The Godfather

The Godfather


Creative multi-channel audio processor. 


Enjoy Electronics was established in Italy during the pandemic in 2020 through its founders passion for music technology and design, partnered with a desire to help artists achieve intricate soundscape by pushing the boundaries of audio effects processing.

The continuous research and development, elegant design and obsessive attention to details, not to mention the quality of materials are Enjoy Electronics guidelines for their high performing multi-effects products.


The Godfather is the first creative multichannel audio processor designed to inspire.

This unique product unlocks limitless possibilities in sound design and music creation. Equipped with advanced features expertly crafted for musicians and producers, this revolutionary device sets a new standard in audio processing and creativity.​​


The GodFather key features:-


  • 4 independent audio processing channels: This allows for mixing, EQ, compressing, saturation, filtering, and adding emphasis effects to each channel, providing a comprehensive tool for audio manipulation.

  • Multiple independent delays for each channel, The GodFather can generate captivating grooves, surprising rhythmic junctions, and complex polyrhythms, enhancing the music production experience and offering unique sound manipulation possibilities.

  • Create additional sound layers by adding filtered repeats within the main repeats for each of the 4 channels, The GodFather further enriches the soundscape.

  • Offers immersive experience by adjusting the offset between left and right channels, The GodFather creates engaging bounces that add depth to the sound.

  • Features a large OLED display and numerous LEDs providing precise and effective feedback on various functions that help you focus on the creative aspect even in the most challenging lighting situations.

  • Expand sound design possibilities almost infinitely with dedicated buttons to add, replace, and delete sounds within the repetitions for each channel.

  • Control parameters through 2 internal LFOs and 4 multi-assignable external CV inputs: This feature offers complete and flexible sound control.

  • Correlating the dynamics of individual channels through a side-chain compressor: This gives the right space and presence to the sounds of different channels.

  • Add atmosphere, depth, and three-dimensionality to your mix thanks to a large stereophonic reverb equipped with dedicated hi-pass filters.

  • Sync external gear via MIDI or CV Clock: The Godfather can receive external signals or control other devices.

  • Integrating into a 60Hp semi-modular rack: This offers total manipulation of audio, MIDI, and CV.

  • Being crafted with the attention to detail typical of a Made in Italy product: The Godfather uses high-quality potentiometers, aluminum knobs, durable finishes, and precious wooden side panels.

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