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The R2 MkII is quite different from the R1 series of mics. It features a ribbon transducer with a shorter and more narrow ribbon. It is darker sounding than the R1 series since the higher frequencies roll off earlier.

The R2 MkII will do wonders with both clean and distorted electrical guitar, with brass instruments and more. It is delivered with a metal shock mount.


The R2 Ribbon Mic features a shorter and narrow ribbon, resulting in a darker sound with the higher-range rolled off earlier for a unique, atmospheric tone. Its ribbon and magnet assembly is internally shock mounted, which cuts down on handling noise and structure-borne rumble.


This vintage-style ribbon microphone is brought to the modern-era with a wide pickup pattern, made using the finest materials and components. The result is exceptional audio fidelity and a highly unique tonal character that is great for horns, electric guitars and more. The full-bodied mellow-like sound provides a fast and natural transient reproduction with an extremely high SPL capability of 137 dB SPL for maximum flexibility.

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