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The GA ELA M 251E is a recreation one of the most iconic vintage tube microphones, considered by many as the most beautiful sounding microphone ever produced with a sound quality and character featuring a warm, gorgeous, delicate overall sound and an amazing top end performance.

We are delighted to announce that after three years of hard work, we have finally recreated one of the most iconic vintage tube microphones, the Telefunken ELA 251E, considered by many as the most beautiful sounding microphone ever produced.


After all this work, it was with much joy and pride that we could verify that the sound quality and character of the GA ELA M 251E was infinitely close to the first year of the Vintage ELA 251E in great condition, with a warm, gorgeous, delicate overall sound and an amazing top end performance.


The Capsule
Through reverse engineering, we have re-created one of the most iconic tube microphones in history, the ELA 251E.
Over three years of comparisons, revisions, and improvements went into the design of this microphone. Featuring a custom made K251 capsule with a performance that is virtually the same as the CK12 capsule found in the first production year of the vintage Telefunken ELA 251E. With the same frequency response curves as well as the same sensitivity. The tolerance between different capsules is +/-0,5 dB. The tolerance between the front and back in one capsule is +/-0,2 dB.


The K251 style capsule used in the GA ELA M 251E is the Golden Age Premier version of the CEK12 style one used in the vintage microphone.


We did analyze a CEK12 capsule from an ELA M vintage microphone from the first production year and obtained all the defining parameters like pressure response curve, sensitivity, polarization voltage and more.

A K251 style capsule was then designed and it was then tested and compared to the performance of the vintage unit and adjusted and tweaked during many listening sessions until the perceived sound character was very close to an early vintage ELA M microphone.


The Details Matter
We have an eye for detail down to the smallest parts. We even engineered our polar pattern switch mechanism and insulating plastic substrate.


We created an exact replication of the polar pattern switch mechanism which is implemented with a very complex mechanical structure and that can only be assembled by hand. This process demanded the design of several sets of complex and hard to make plastic molds all just to restore the original non-destructive polar pattern switch mechanism with the right operating feel.


We recreated the insulating plastic substrate for the internal point to point soldering and made the new mold for it. The result of these efforts is that the amplifier circuit can work at close to zero loss from external factors, allowing it to perform at its theoretical peak level. This in turn translates into a most sublime, full bodied and extremely musical sound quality and a refined and well controlled delicacy from the lowest bass up to the high end frequency range.


True To The Original
Our remade design of the original microphone can actually be used on the original 251E, including the power supply specifications, cable wiring definitions, etc, all are perfectly compatible.


We use the best selection of component that resulted in a sound performance that came amazingly close to several vintage originals. To maintain the highest signal integrity, all of these internal connection points are silver plated with Teflon silver plated wiring.

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